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dc.contributor.advisorVásquez Ramírez, Guillermo
dc.contributor.authorVásquez Vásquez, Fernando
dc.description.abstractHer lateral dominion coats capital his sensory development's the space motive and crushes importance in arder to 5 little boy to 7 years to be of the scheme it links up narrowly with the reading's learning and he notarizes it. Pérez (1986 ), he recommends taking into account human space a bidirectional space is presents for example in the writing, of the writing and of the reading. Sorne children present the left-handed side's predominance Toward the 4 years, than in the course of time tend to be told to (García Núñez, 1983 ). Other ones manifest the right-hand side's predominance, than also he will go away affirming at the merey of the mediate educational influence. Kephart ( 1960 ), he maintains that when driving abilities become general they must be well-established to be the foundation of the little boy in the organization perceptual and conceptual worldly; Therefore, join the driving coordination's deficiency he originates an intellectual disorder. The investigation. attempted like diagnosis in the initial lnstitution N 288 understanding the in need achievements in her development useful lateral dominion of the boys and girls as a salid point of reference in the prevention problems learning along the little boy's all the formative development. Being based on her theory Lateral dominion, once was based for Rigal ( 2006 ) we established understanding parameters of his development's process departting from the symmetric studio of the body definite .human systemicly step by step anatomic equals and symmetric, but in the course of time one gets to establish itself functional lateral dominion. We could be able to also establishing a basic differeñce existent among lateral dominion and develop lateral, beca use the first . corresponds to process for midway of which the little boy gets .J o prefer a segment on his symmetric pair, and seconds her dominion of a cerebral hemisphere on the other has to do with her. Our objective was to describe the development level of her !lateral dominion in her boys and girls LE.I N° 288 of Rioja's district in the year 2010, than completely they counted on 5 years elderly in 23 members'snumber of the valid population in arder to told institution. The investigation was adjusted to a descriptive desigr\ simple, having as support an observation chip in arder to the data's verification, the one that applied itself for two consecutive times. Data-processing limited to a simple indictment of the frequencies heeded in all of the indicators to value itself, turnning to arithmetical mean's calculation to assume the test of the hypothesis wherewith turned out well demonstrating existent a high level development level of her lateral dominion in the 5- boys and girls elderly of her l. E.l N° 288 of Rioja's district in the year 201 O. Done that he configures one status optimal in the notion's development the . space as fundamental predecessor of the subsequent learnings · becoming manifest with to be in a world dominated precisely for people deft absolute predominance of the right-hand side as coincidence. ·en_US
dc.description.abstractOne of the most serious problems related to solid waste management in Peru is their final disposition. The solid waste management is summarized in a cycle that begins with the generation and accumulation time, continuing its collection, transport and transfer and ends with the final accumulation of them. The solid waste generated in the city of Tarapoto have the final disposal dump located in the sector "Yacucatina" approximately kilometer 25 of the cart Fernando Belaunde-South, which are deposited in an arbitrary manner, without application of any technical or monitoring method causing a serious environmental problem. By having direct contact with soil, contaminated waste to it, threatening groundwater, wetlands located near the dump site and thus, damaging the soil, subsoil, surface water quality and groundwater. That is why in this paper, we investigate the pollution caused by leachate from the measurement of water quality by taking some physical, chemical and bacteriological comparison with existing norms. The methodology of analysis took place according to the parameter to be analyzed according to international standards for the characterization of water quality (APHA-AWWA-WPCF, 1992) which are included in so-called "Standard Methods for the Examination of Waters and wastewater (Standard Methods For The Examination of Water and Wastewaster) and Water Quality Standards (ECA) established the Water Resources Act and standards INDECOPI Peruvian referred to water quality. With the results showed that all the sampled points are total coliform contamination and thermotolerant coliforms exceeding water quality standards. There is also contaminated with chromium and nickel in the leachate, which exceed the limits set in the DS N º 08-2009-MINAM, referring to the effluents of landfills or disposal facilities for solid waste. In the fifth sampling point there is presence of traces of nickel and mercury, which are within the limits set by the Water Quality Standards We also found that the physical and chemical and bacteriological occurring with greater intensity in leachate with respect to other sources in the area are: COD, BOD5, ammonia nitrogen, nitrates, hardness, nitrogen, chloride, chromium, nickel, mercury and total coliforms. Tracking contaminants in different bodies of water in the catchment area of the dump, set the trend in the contamination plume is in the direction of runoff of leachate to be generated starting from the very base of the dump. The assessment is one of the main elements of the study, after it is proposed the following measures and treatment of leachate for the proper management of solid waste generated in the city of Tarapoto.es_PE
dc.publisherUniversidad Nacional de San Martínes_PE
dc.sourceUniversidad Nacional de San Martínes_PE
dc.sourceRepositorio de Tesis – UNSMes_PE
dc.subjectResiduos sólidoses_PE
dc.subjectAguas residualeses_PE
dc.subjectColiformes termotoleranteses_PE
dc.titleEvaluación del índice de calidad del agua en el área de influencia del botadero municipal de Tarapoto sector Yacucatina San Martin – Perúes_PE
dc.typeinfo:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesisen_US de Maestroes_PEía en gestión ambientales_PE Nacional de San Martín.Escuela de postgradoes_PE en ciencias con mención en gestión ambientales_PEíaes_PE

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