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Title: Análise dinâmico-mecânica: Aplicações em filmes comestíveis
Other Titles: Dynamic-mechanical analysis: Applications in edible film technology
Authors: Mendieta Taboada, Oscar W.
De Carvalho, Rosemary A.
do A. Sobral, Paulo José
Keywords: Biopolímeros
Curva maestra
Lentes de transición
Issue Date: Feb-2008
Abstract: Edible films are thin materials based on biopolymers and food additives. The aim of this work is a review on the application of dynamic mechanical analysis in edible film technology. After a brief review of the linear visco-elasticity theory, a description of some practical aspects related to dynamic mechanical analysis, such as sample fixation and sample dehydration during analysis and types and modes of tests are presented. Thus, the use of temperature scanning analysis for glass transition and for plasticizer-biopolymer compatibility studies and frequency scanning tests, less common in edible film technology, are critically reviewed.
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