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Keywords: Moringa oleifera
Turbiedad baja
Source: Davila-Tuesta, W. St.(2022). Moringa oleifera para remoción de hierro, turbiedad y color del agua en la quebrada Almendrillo, Moyobamba. Tesis para optar el grado de Ingeniero Sanitario. Facultad de Ecología, Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Tarapoto, Perú.
Abstract: In the present investigation, the efficiency of Moringa oleifera was evaluated from the application of a biocoagulant based on its albumen. Six different treatments of 0.10; 0.20; 0.30; 0.40; 0.50; and 0.60g/L were applied to water samples obtained from the Almendrillo stream in the village of Juningue. For the application of the Jar Test, a fast mixing time of 300RPM for 1.5 minutes, slow mixing at 75RPM for 10 minutes and sedimentation times of 20 and 40 minutes were considered. The results obtained were compared with the maximum permissible limits (MPL) of organoleptic quality parameters established in the Regulation of Water Quality for Human Consumption. It is concluded that the initial parameters were found to be above the established MPL: concentration of 0.82 mg/L for iron, turbidity 23.7 UNT and color 190 UCV. After the application of the treatments, it was found that the coagulant concentration of 0.60 g/L and a sedimentation time of 40 minutes achieved the greatest reduction of iron content in the water, expressed in 93.7% efficiency. A reduction efficiency of 73.2% was achieved for the turbidity parameter, with a concentration of 0.20 g/L and a sedimentation time of 40 minutes. For color, with a concentration of 0.20g/L and a sedimentation time of 20 minutes, an efficiency of 53.7% was achieved. However, results below the established MPLs were not achieved for the last two aforementioned parameters.
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